Thursday, August 11, 2011

Beautiful Bedroom Flooring Designs

Bedroom flooring can be of great importance if you are planning to go for home improvement. We all love to be hygienic and therefore we also wish our home to be clean and look good. Early in the morning when we get up, the first thing our feet touch is the bedroom floor. If you have warped flooring and a bad carpet on the floor, you might end up with a feeling of living in unhygienic conditions.
There are many types of bedroom flooring available in the market which tends to woo people with their attractive looks. We can discuss few of the available flooring here:-
  • Laminate Flooring: - Laminate flooring is generated after pressing various pieces of wood together and resulting into a new one. Resultant of this process is very durable, shining floor covering that makes your bedroom flooring look like a semi reflected mirror. Important feature of this flooring is that is easy to clean and resistant to scratches or dents which might appear with the long term use. The flooring is easy to install and it would not be very necessary to be installed by a professional only. Laminate can make you feel slippery and cold underfoot. It also adds less resale value later to a home than true hardwood.
  • Carpet flooring: - We all prefer bedroom carpet flooring when it comes in terms of winters as they tend to provide a cozy warm look. This type of flooring comes in wide variety of colours, textures and designs. The main disadvantage of this type of flooring is its tendency to catch dust very easily. Therefore, increasing the costs of cleaning the dirt deposited on the carpet. It is available in wide range of colours, textures and design which would match any decor and can have a lovely, soft feeling that adds a level of sensuousness to your bedroom.
  • Bedroom-LightingHardwood bedroom flooring: - This type of flooring removes the drawback of using a carpet of absorbing dust, pollen, liquid stuff and can be easily cleaned. The grain of natural wood provides a wonderful pattern that is very unique for a home. Hardwood might get difficult to install and some pieces might be defective which would further increase the costs.
  • Tile Flooring: - One of the best flooring to keep the room temperature low and enjoy the cool weather in summers. Bedroom tile flooring is usually used in kitchens to provide a cool temperature and avoid heat generated by the stoves. Bedroom marble flooring is also used these days to provide a royal look to the floor as it provides durability of the flooring as well. If you have a kid in your house then we would recommend you not to opt for this flooring as any object fallen on the floor might hamper the look of the flooring.
  • Vinyl Flooring: - As we know vinyl is very resilient, inexpensive and good to touch on feet, it also gives you a warm feeling as well. Best feature about this flooring is that it can be used on any kind of floor. Also if anytime any part gets damaged, one can replace it without even getting disturbed.
Companies: - Pergo, Nitco, kajaria, H-R Johnson, Accura, Stonex, KVR, Sunshine, Landmark.


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